Tuesday, September 25, 2012


It's simple as that.  Simple is as simple does.  I encountered a simple young person who means no harm, but yet in still, I'm miffed.  They're the type of person who has not been through life's wringer, and only concerns themselves with the simple things in life:  Hair, nails, social events, etc.  Simple.

This person hasn't had their life covered in layers of complexity that can eventually tarnish the coin; it's bright and shiny surface dulled by dealing with children, finances, relationships:  EVERYTHING!  Just the appearance of said person irks a middle-aged woman like me...

I was kind of terse, but it made me feel good to be that first layer of disdain.  (LMBAOOO)

Naughty me.  :-)

rainwriter jones @ 2 a.m.

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