Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Policy of Truth (Yep, Stole This Title From Depeche Mode)!

It's like this. I've "known" this person since 2006 through online interactions and occasional in-person encounters. We'll just call him/her Rannic. Folks seem to enjoy Rannic for whatever reason, but there's always been this thing rolling in my head about him/her. There's something not quite "right" about said person. Maybe it's a corporate mentality of eat or be eaten? It's very interesting to sense Rannic smooth talk around a topic, and ease out of answering questions. My encounters with him/her always leaves me with the impression that he/she is being obsequious and deceptive. One of our latest encounters involved him/her taking credit for my idea. He/she "cleverly" erased the trail back to me so it looked as if he/she was the originator of the concept. I shook my head; poor baby. Seeing as though I'm at least 20 years his/her senior, I know it's best to come at folks from a truthful perspective, and not one of deception. He/she has a lot to learn. It might be the job that Rannic performs, but it irks me beyond compare to deal with said person, and others like him/her that can't seem to speak with honesty. The fact that they think you're stupid enough not to realize that they are being deceptive is quiet disconcerting. There's ways of being truthful without looking weak! Maybe Rannic should become a politician? (LOL) With this said, I don't hold ill-will toward Rannic. I figure that it's the job that makes one act in such an elusive manner. But I know one thing's for sure: He/she will NEVER be asked to join my friend circle. I've got nothing but love for those on my page, and I don't even like him/her! Ha! Live right: Live honest! rainwriter jones @ 2 a.m.

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