Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Moment In Time (turbines and parachutes)

Evening Flower by Korliss Sewer
On a warm summer evening, they snapped a picture in front of the International Fountain.  His sunglasses swung from the tripod as they stood statue-still and awaited the “click.”  In the lens:  Reflected planes on the horizon which hummed slowly, 
preemptive melodies well-suited for such a glorious summer evening.  

They picnicked, read sonnets, listened to music, and made love at the water’s edge.  They felt the splash of water on their smiling faces with their happiness captured in their aging 35mm.

As ragged children with sugar-sticky hands laughed and played, silver umbrellas float like delicate cherry blossoms in a Japanese garden.  There they sat, tender lovers, by the fountain.  A silent spectacle:  fireworks at dusk.  Their moment forever captured in shadows cast on concrete.  A life content…
before the fall. 
                                                                   rainwriter jones @2013