Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bitter Sweet Remembrances

rain swirls by rainwriter jones


On March 25, my husband and I celebrated our silver anniversary with our two daughters and grandson. We reminisced about our lives together, and took pride in all we have created as a couple. To us, our marriage is more than just marking time, but enjoyment of each others' company.

I chose a photograph from our wedding album to post on Facebook. As I saw all the smiling faces that beamed from yellowed pages, I realized there were so many gone. My Father passed 8 years into our marriage, and is buried across the street from the courthouse in which we were married. The happiest day in my life offset with the saddest. But that's life. Having to balance the good with the bad, and take it all in stride. I have very fond memories of growing up with my Father, and I honor him by not carrying despair at his death, but remembering the love he gave me. Til this day, the sacrifices he made in order that his children would not need for anything is something that will forever be ingrained in me.

I owe it to Father to live the best life possible. Carry on his journey. Stay positive during times of adversity. Pass on his legacy to my children.

Not to miss, but remember.

rainwriter jones @ 2 a.m.