Monday, April 30, 2012

For The Love of God: Love Someone

In recent history, it has come to my attention that there are those among us who hate because of sexual orientation, gender, religion, ethnicity, etc. The list goes on and on. If there's a difference between two individuals (even a minute one), one of them may find a reason to hate them. How can you hate an entire group of people without meeting every single person in that group? I know what it is to be discriminated against, and to be honest, know what it is to discriminate against others. Either consciously or unconsciously, we all have in one manner or another have prejudged someone. When you see a group of young folks talking loud and cursing, don't you walk a wide berth around them? Why? Because you figure that they're a threat to your safety. I still do it! I've met good and bad people. Some folks are awful not because they belong to a certain group, just because they as individuals are awful! Overt discrimination is a definite no-no for anyone with whom I associate. That's inclusive of anyone who is "like" me in regards to ethnicity, sexual orientation, politics, etc. It's hard when these people are within your family. I may have you as a family member, but I will not tolerate any hateful talk in my presence. I'm of the opinion that those who think less of others have issues with self-esteem. Or they've had a bad experience with a few individuals within a group, and boxed each member of said group into the hate category. Sometimes these people go on the word of others they trust as a source of truth that they'll embrace as their own. Or is it easier to make someone look worse than them so that they feel about themselves? Just take a day to let all your petty prejudices go for a while. Maybe not even a day for some: Just a few hours. Might do you good! rainwriter jones @ 2 a.m.

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